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Better Late than Never

I could have released this in January, but this has been on my mind for years now (several iterations of this have existed) and I've been itching to get this version out. This blog will sort of serve as a one-stop shop all things guide to living your best life.

Disclaimer: This is me living my best life with the current resources, money, and time that I have! Social media makes us think we need to live a certain way but please be sure to budget out according to you! This can all be influenced by if you're single/married, have kids/pets, have a salaried job/hourly, PTO/vacay days, health, friends/family/SOs with the same desires, etc. I would have really hard time living the life I live now in college but I still appreciated that time & did a lot in the city that I lived in (but how can you be bored in NYC lol).

So here's what you can expect out of this blog, all things:

- Food: my food journey (on my personal IG highlights), top food spots for places I frequent, reviews of the places I go to (on my food IG), my favorite go to recipes

- Travel: free full day to day itineraries from my past travels, tik toks/IG posts of my favorite places

- & More: day-to-day things to do in the places I love, essie-ntials (things that help me survive as a girl in her twenties), random thoughts that could help someone else, we never limit ourselves!

THIS blog IS FOR YOU!! I couldn't do this without the people who come into my life everyday and I wouldn't be able to continue without, so here's things you can do:

- Suggest topics/food/places to visit through my contact form - recipes, travel, best fruits to eat in November allat!!

- Request an Itinerary (see somewhere I been but want a personalized travel schedule? I would love to create one! I don't like to create for places I've never been but if you're happy to have me experiment, I'd love to do it for you! Just give me 3 weeks ahead of your trip)

so that's a basic overview of what's good & what's coming up, hope you'll stick around :)

till next time citypeeps

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